In one window start a JetStream enabled nats server:

docker run --network host -p 4222:4222 nats -js

And make sure you have the CLI tools nats and nsc installed

Now skip to the Administer JetStream section.

Using Docker with NGS

You can join a JetStream instance to your NGS account, first we need a credential for testing JetStream:

You'll want to do this outside of docker to keep the credentials that are generated.

nsc add user -a YourAccount --name leafnode --expiry 1M

You'll get a credential file somewhere like ~/.nkeys/creds/synadia/YourAccount/leafnode.creds, mount this file into the docker container for JetStream using -v ~/.nkeys/creds/synadia/YourAccount/leafnode.creds:/leafnode.creds.

docker run -ti -v ~/.nkeys/creds/synadia/YourAccount/leafnode.creds:/leafnode.creds --name jetstream nats:latest
[1] 2021/10/08 21:48:51.426008 [INF] Starting nats-server
[1] 2021/10/08 21:48:51.426091 [INF]   Version:  2.6.1
[1] 2021/10/08 21:48:51.849033 [INF] Connected leafnode to ""