Windows Service

The NATS Streaming Server supports running as a Windows service. There is currently no installer and instead users should use sc.exe to install the service.

Here is how to create and start a NATS Streaming Server named nats-streaming-server. Note that the server flags should be passed in when creating the service.

sc.exe create nats-streaming-server binPath="\"<streaming server path>\nats-streaming-server.exe\" [NATS Streaming flags]"
sc.exe start nats-streaming-server

You can create several instances, giving it a unique name. For instance, this is how you would create two services, named nss1 and nss2, each one with its own set of parameters.

sc.exe create nss1 binPath="\"c:\nats-io\nats-streaming\nats-streaming-server.exe\" --syslog --syslog_name=nss1 -p 4222"

sc.exe create nss2 binPath="\"c:\nats-io\nats-streaming\nats-streaming-server.exe\" --syslog --syslog_name=nss2 -p 4223"

By default, when no logfile is specified, the server will use the system log. The default event source name is NATS-Streaming-Server. However, you can specify the name you want, which is especially useful when installing more than one service as described above.

Once the service is running, it can be controlled using sc.exe or nats-streaming-server.exe -sl:

REM Stop the server
nats-streaming-server.exe -sl quit

The above commands will default to controlling the service named nats-streaming-server. If the service has another name, it can be specified like this:

nats-streaming-server.exe -sl quit=<service name>